About us


We have provided assistance to people who find themselves in trouble, such as a car accident, for over a decade. We are one of the major European retailers of airbags, car dashboards and covers, safety belts, and tensioners. We cooperate with companies and individuals on the Slovenian, Italian, Austrian, Hungarian, Greek, Spanish, and German markets, and in the area of former Yugoslavia.

Vision and mission

We want to help people. We want to help solve the unpleasant situation and provide the right spare parts as soon as possible, deliver them to the customer, and thus ensure that the car will be a safe means of transportation once again. We want to build trust between our team and our customers, which is why all our spare parts have a warranty; if you order the wrong airbags, safety belts, tensioners, dashboards, and covers, or if there is anything wrong with them, you can return the goods to us and we will refund the purchase price or make a replacement.

Airbag About us

Company history

Outline plan

  • 2005

A business plan and agreed business paths with suppliers from abroad were prepared. We expanded our sales on the Slovenian market.

Expansion abroad

  • 2010

We have expanded our market throughout the former Yugoslavia.

Moving to new premises

  • 2012

Due to the great interest of neighbouring countries in purchasing our goods, we accelerated the expansion of the team and looked for new premises.

International cooperation

  • 2015

We successfully cooperate with many customers from Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Spain, and Greece.



You can rely on our products as well as on our team, which will take care of everything you need to take a relaxed and safe ride.

Safety first

With our airbags and other safety features, every ride you take is one without any worries.


We offer new and used original spare parts that meet the highest quality standards.

Favourable offers

Send us an inquiry for the price, but we also offer the possibility of personal collection or home delivery.

How can we help you?

If you have any questions regarding our offer, professional installation advice, or are interested in selling your spare parts – airbags, safety belts, tensioners, dashboards, and covers, write to us via the form or call us, and we will make you an offer that same day. We are available to you every day of the week.