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An airbag is a lifesaving safety device. Its aim is to soften the strike of the passenger against hard objects in the car interior and therefore, prevent possible injuries. Sensors in modern cars work in such a way that the airbag is activated only in the damaged part of the vehicle, but if the force of the crash is strong, all elements are activated. That is why you can choose between airbags of more than 50 car brands along with dashboards, safety belts, and tensioners.

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Airbagauto zračne blazine
Airbagauto zračne blazine Airbag
Airbagauto zračne blazine
Airbagauto zračne blazine

Popular airbag brands

Audi :
Volkswagen :
Citroen :
Chevrolet :
Kia :
Ford :
Mercedes :
Renault :
Opel :
Hyundai :
Pegueot :
Airbagauto zračne blazine Airbag
Airbagauto zračne blazine
Airbagauto zračne blazine

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You can rely on our products as well as on our team, which will take care of everything you need to take a relaxed and safe ride.

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With our airbags and other safety features, every ride you take is one without any worries.


We offer new and used original spare parts that meet the highest quality standards.

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If you have any questions regarding our offer, professional installation advice, or are interested in selling your spare parts – airbags, safety belts, tensioners, dashboards, and covers, write to us via the form or call us, and we will make you an offer that same day. We are available to you every day of the week.